Grayscale makes “The Summer Dream” a reality for one night in Tampa (Show Review)

The Orpheum

Tampa, Florida

June 22nd, 2022

By Peyton Neilson



On a sunny Friday night in Tampa, Florida, pop-punk fans lined up early waiting for The Orpheum
to open its doors. Among those playing were The Ivy, Bearings, and Guardin all supporting the headliner,
Grayscale, on the first East Coast date of The Summer Dream tour.
Kicking things off first was The Ivy. Their most recent release came in July this year, their EP titled Look$
Inside. The Ivy was very laid back and soothing, but kept the atmosphere alive with their sound and pop
presence. Although only the first opener, they definitely captured the attention of crowdgoers as soon
as they stepped in the door and set the vibe for the night.
The second band of the night was Bearings, all the way from Canada. Bearings are no strangers to entertaining a crowd and bringing the pop-punk energy to the stage. Performing songs from all across their discography, the crowd was ready for their set. From the moment they stepped on the stage, the crowd was moving
and dancing along. Their dynamic on stage makes these guys a band you don’t want to miss.
After two amazing bands, Guardin made his way to the stage as the third act of the night. Guardin is a
solo artist, specializing in hip hop mixed with trap beats from Hornell, New York. Performing songs old
and new from “Solitary” to “Into the Trees” ,the crowd sang along and was jumping around. Throughout
their set, his energy was high and he had an appreciation for the crowd and was interactive with them
from start to finish. Guardin was a really diverse artist on this lineup and he brought the energy to the
stage. He definitely knows how to bring energy to the stage and to get the crowd moving, he even
jumped down in the pit to sing a song and interact with everyone.
For the final band of the night, Grayscale made their long awaited appearance to the stage. Their stage
presence was ethereal and performance was capturing. Over halfway through The Summer Dream Tour,
they were still so interactive with the crowd and were alive from start to finish. They incorporated
songs in their set including “Palette”, all the way back from 2016 to their newest LP release from 2021,
Umbra.$ Keeping the energy high among the crowd, they remained interactive and with the diverse set
list, kept fans singing and dancing the whole performance. To end their set with a bang, they ended up
finishing it with a cover of Tal Bachman’s hit song, “She’s So High”. Grayscale is always a pleasure to
watch on stage and always has a strong stage presence that makes you want to never miss them live.
This diverse lineup was amazing and captivating start to finish. The Summer Dream tour is already
halfway through but making its way up the East Coast, currently. The Ivy,
Bearings, Guardin and Grayscale poured their hearts into their performances and were amazing to
watch. Be sure to keep an eye on these bands for future releases and performances.
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