October 27, 2021

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Gravebirth announce new bass player as they hit the studio for new album!

Gravebirth is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based deathcore band that first surfaced in 2017 with their track ‘Virulent Transmissions’. Gravebirth unveiled their debut EP ‘Decrepit’ last year, and we’ve been itching for more. Gravebirth has just announced their new addition to the band and some future plans! The aforementioned band has invited Dustin Comorski (Aspirant, ex-Horrid Ordeal, ex-Automb, ex-Veiled) to helm the bass. Sam DeCoske departed from the band in mid-June. Gravebirth’s first show with the new bass player will be at Millvale Music Festival in Millvale, PA at the Millvale Community Center on August 7th. Gravebirth also shared with us their plans to hit the studio to record a new album! The band went on to tell us about their near-future plans, and knowing these guys it’s something to be excited for.

“Our new album is aimed in a slightly new direction, both instrumentally and lyrically – taking the sound we’ve developed for ourselves during the “Decrepit” sessions and taking more influence from the Slamming / Beatdown side of Deathcore along with influence from the Hardcore spectrum; as well as Death Metal. Lyrically, there are a few tracks that follow the same concepts as our last record, running headfirst into topics of depression, suicide, and death in general. But there are also a few songs that touch on different concepts such as betrayal, parental neglect, atoning for your own wrongdoings, and there’s also a song that I’m very proud of that is based on the point of view of watching those around you succumb to the cesspool of drugs and alcohol over and over again, despite them seeing their own self-destruction unfold in front of them and being unwilling to change for the better. It’s definitely going to be a heavy record, both sonically and lyrically. We started writing new material and throwing around ideas almost immediately after “Decrepit” was finished.

Our guitarist Joe Vedro constantly pumps out new ideas, and I’m the same way when it comes to lyric concepts and different lines or vocal patterns that pop into my head. We do have song titles and an album title, as well as album art and new merch designs ready to go, but that information will not see the light of day until the time is right. However, if you’re able to catch us live in the near future, you may be able to hear a new song or two. We’ve been giving those local fans a taste of the new material in person, little by little, and the response so far has been beyond what we could have hoped for.” – Jim Majuri


Gravebirth has evolved into a whole different beast. Keep your eyes peeled, there’s much more to come and with zero plans of stopping anytime soon. Gravebirth is one of those bands that we’ve loved since their inception, and we’re excited to hear what they come up with!

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