Good news! Chevelle have already recorded and tracked at least 10 songs for their upcoming new album

Chevelle have always been one of the most consistent alternative metal bands going. When you consider the last 25 or so years of rock and metal (their debut album, Point #1, was a 1999 release), there aren’t many bands who can truly claim that kind of status and popularity. Perhaps only Sevendust and Deftones (maybe even Alter Bridge?) occupy a similar space and have also released regular, consistent material during that span. So yeah, needless to say, Chevelle’s success has transcended the rise and fall of multiple metal and rock sub-genres.

Having released their most recent record NIRATIAS to continued success and accolades, Chevelle has been working on new material for a couple years now. And it appears a new album will be appearing sooner than one thinks, too, if the band’s recent comments are anything to go by.

Appearing on Artist Friendly With Joel Madden, Pete Loeffler discussed where they’re at in the recording process currently, saying:

“We’ve tracked 10 full-length songs at this point for the new album. We signed a new contract to put out one more [LP]. So we’re in the process of finishing that up. So there’s definitely one more [album] coming. It’s hard to say when it’ll [be released]. It’s kind of stewing right now. We did eight songs, set ’em aside, took a break, did two more recently. I was actually just wrapping it up yesterday — the second song — and burned a mix so I could listen to it on the plane on the way here. I’ve gotta go revisit those other eight now and say, ‘Are they done?’”

We mixed one and it sounded great. [I’m] super happy about it. That whole process started again. I went back and I listened to it. I was, like, ‘Can I rewrite this song?’ as a just kind of something to try and wrote an entirely different model of that song again. And this is what Pro Tools will get you into. You’re, like, ‘Oh, I can, I can quickly do something that in the past I’d have to sit down and map out with my brother in real time.’ So it’s good and bad. The only bad side is that I’m spending the time to learn that system instead of writing.”

Chevelle also has a run of shows (and a few festivals) in the coming weeks and months, so perhaps a new song might arrive soon? Perhaps. Also a fun fact: since 2002’s Wonder What’s Next, all of Chevelle’s full-length albums have peaked at least at #20 on the Billboard 200 – with La Gargola actually debuting at #3 in its first week of release.

04/17 Highland, CA – Yammava’ Theater
04/19 Tucson, AZ – The Pima County Fair
04/21 Wheatland, CA – Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
04/23 Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Resort
04/25 Las Vegas, NV – House Of Blues
04/26 Phoenix, AZ – KUPD U Fest
07/19 Mansfield, OH – Inkcarceration Festival
07/20 Cadott, WI – Rock Fest
09/28 Louisville, KY – Louder Than Life

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