Go-Jo packs out Melbourne for their headline show at The Curtin (Show Review)


The Curtain

Melbourne, Australia 

May 19th, 2023

By Olivia Burns


Go-Jo, an up and coming indie/pop singer songwriter, who’s now a bit of a Tik-Tok sensation, set off on his Australian national headline tour with fellow Sydney based r&b artist Corrj and Australian born-Los Angeles based alt/indie artist Portair. Friday May 19th in Melbourne was the second to last date on his tour before heading back to his home city of Sydney to play his last show there.


With a lineup of mixed genres, it gave the crowd a little taste of everything. Starting off the night was Corrj, being new to performing his songs on stage, he did it with such ease, showcasing such a smooth voice and with his songs such as ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Lost my Mind’ peaking my interest to want to go check out more of his music afterwards. 

Portair was next up, assisted with just his keyboard and guitar, his voice transports you to another place with his idyllic vocal range. His song ‘Places’, he explains, is written about no matter what you’re born into or what your past is, you don’t let it define you. Both openers had the crowd captivated and they definitely left that stage with a lot more fans, myself being one of them. 

With the packed room chanting ‘Come on Go-Jo, let’s go!’ he jumped up on stage with his drummer and guitarist, a fluro singlet on, a kettle in hand as a cup, which we later were enlightened that people had taken all of the cups. Everyone was amped for the show and determined to give his home city a run for their money for being the loudest and most supportive crowd. He then brings out his Tik-Tok famous ‘Free Broccoli’ cardboard sign and gets pointed to a rogue broccoli on stage and places it there. He treated fans with singing older favorites such as ‘No One Else’ and ‘Ship in a Bottle’ to a couple of covers including Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ and ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls, to which he got intimate with the crowd and joined them on the floor where they surrounded him and sung along to the classic tune. With a few newer tracks such as ‘Missing You’,‘Double Down’ and my personal favorite ‘Better Off’, the crowd were jumping and singing along to every single word.

One lucky fan got handed the broccoli floret and to everyone’s disappointment he announced that this was the last song and ended the night on ‘Mrs. Hollywood’, his newest release, which has given him great traction online and clearly a fan favorite with the excitement in the crowd. The more the room got into it, the more you could see him feeding off of the energy and Melbourne certainly left a great impression on him, as much as he did on us. 

This show alone has proven that Go-Jo has gathered such a passionate fan base and it’s only going to grow. There’s no way you cannot feel the great vibe from the stage as he gives such a fun, energetic performance, constantly smiling and interacting with the room. I definitely can’t wait to see what the future brings for this great artist!


Photo Gallery : Go Jo – The Curtain (05.19.2023)

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