November 26, 2022

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Genius marketing: Metal band Trueshot is giving away a Nintendo Switch Lite if you pre-save their new single, “Paradigm”

New Hampshire natives TrueShot are no strangers to immersive, cinematic releases within their music. Formed in 2018, the band released their EP Escape in July of 2019. The EP kickstarted an active movement that eventually led to their explosive new single “Paradigm”, which drops on Friday. Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc, Prenc has done some impressive work for the likes of bands such as  Alpha Wolf, Dealer, Polaris, and Gravemind.

The new single also features lead vocalist Aidan Holmes of metal act Dealer, and this will be the first musical experience we have heard from the band since the 2019 EP.  In authentic TrueShot fashion, “Paradigm” brings out some ferocious vocals and aggressively, atmospheric instrumental work with a poignant message as well.

“After growing up around parents and family that were addicted to drugs, I knew since I was 8 years old that I had to get out”, said frontman Richard Janvrin. “Because of my upbringing and my mother passing away in 2015, I’ve always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder to succeed and with that, I’ve come across people in my life who mistake this relentless desire to not fall back to my roots as being cocky or arrogant”, Janvrin continued. “Simply put: “Paradigm” is an aggressive response to those people and there was no better person than Aidan [Holmes] to be on the song.

TrueShot may be the new kids on the block now, but after working with the ever-impressive Aidan Holmes and combined with great lyrical writing and instrumental fervor, this is bound to bring them straight to the top. For fans of August Burns Red, Emmure, and Whitechapel, look for the single to drop March 13th.

TrueShot is also hosting a genius marketing campaign to win a Nintendo Switch Lite. All you have to do is pre-save “Paradigm” on Spotify. More information can be found here!


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