GCW – Wisconsin Death Trip (11.13.2022) (Wrestling Review)


Wisconsin Death Trip

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nov. 13th, 2022


Singles Match
Carlos Romo vs. Nick Wayne

An okay match. Both guys have potential but Nick Wayne just seems to use the same playbook every match and its a little bland now. There was some good moves here though. 

2 / 5

Three Way Match
Jordan Oliver vs. Blake Christian vs. Alec Price

A decent 3 way match here. Some good spots but also it never felt like it flowed great. The downtime and slower moments between anything exciting hurt the pacing of this a lot. 

2 / 5

Death Match
Jimmy Lloyd vs. Sawyer Wreck

A rather quick match with only a few spots. Wreck bled a ton from her head though. Nothing bad but this was just too short for anything. 

2 / 5

GCW Tag Team Title Death Match
Los Mazisos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) (c) vs. Dysfunction & Eric Dillinger

A very substandard match again. The ICW Milwaukee guys didn’t bring much to the table here but the crowd liked them. One cool spot outside of the final spot bringing fire which was a crazy amount of fire that they then couldn’t put out. 

1.5 / 5

Death Match
Big Joe vs. Hunter Freeman

There were a lot of moments in the moments I didn’t care much for but when this was good, it was great. Hunter looked great here and made a fan out of the crowd and Big Joe took some serious damage here and bled a bunch. 

3 / 5

Taipei Death Match
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Mance Warner

A complete bloodbath of a match. Mancer bled an insane amount and JWM took some damage (which is impressive given he did 3 deathmatches the day before). The ending here worked well and this is easily one of Mancers best matches. I usually don’t like Tapaei deathmatches a ton but this was kept the pace going well. 

4 / 5

Death Match
Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Cole Radrick

I feel like this didn’t deliver the way it should have. It had its good moments but also felt like it dragged. Could be in part due to the crowd seemingly not being great for it and the small venue it was in. 

2.5 / 5

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