GCW “Planet Death” (2022) (Wrestling Review)


Planet Death

Dallas, Texas

March 31st, 2022



Taipei Death Match
Bam Sullivan vs. SLADE

A somewhat lackluster opening match as a Taipai Deathmatch. It had a few hard hits but most of it was just holding one another to do some hits and cuts that just came off feeling uneventful. Both Bam and Slide did bleed a bunch though it was just a low energy match. 

2 / 5

Thumbtack Kickpad & Light Tubes Death Match
Cole Radrick vs. AKIRA

A solid match that continues to show Cole Radrick is gonna be a monster in deathmatch. The guy takes insane damage and bleeds endlessly it seems. Akira is fine here but I’m just not the biggest fan. The pacing of the match picked up as it went on but a slow start was a slight damper. 

3 / 5

Boards Of Fuckery Death Match
Brandon Kirk vs. Sawyer Wreck

A fun deathmatch here with Kirk bleeding out the bat like a pig. Sawyer was good here and took some damage though as well. It was a decent enough match held together by Kirk being a deathmatch vet in the ring and taking control of it all. 

3 / 5

Light Tube Bundles Death Match
Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Shane Mercer

A decent match held together by Mercer rag dolling NDC around along with NDC being so agile in ring. The end ladder spot was a feat of feat and agility. Outside of that it was pretty standard but had its memorable moments. 

3 / 5

Light Tubes Death Match
Mad Man Pondo vs. Hoodfoot

A bloodbath that would rival horror films. Pondo bled here like a stuffed pig to the point where it started to look like too much. The match itself was nothing special because Pondo at his age isn’t the most agile anymore. It made up for it though due to pure blood loss and Hoodfoot giving it his all and Pondo being down for it. 

3.5 / 5

Barbed Wire Doors Death Match
Sadika vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Honestly a very lackluster and short main event. Jimmy bled good but especially after the previous match it just felt underwhelming. Using only a few doors and barbed wire they had some good spots but then it was over some what out of nowhere. 

2 / 5

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