Furious Five: New + heavy songs you need to hear ASAP (Invent Animate, Fallujah and more)

Invent Animate

Furious Five breaks down five recently released singles in progressive, hardcore, and heavy music to add to your radar. Whether from a newcomer or established act, we think you should give these songs a listen.


In Search of Solace – “Death Follows Me”

Aggressive from start to finish, the latest single from the Minnesota metalcore band explores grief and the feeling of powerlessness that accompanies it. Guitarist Nick Pocock has dealt with the specter of death from a young age, losing several friends to alcoholism and drug addiction. His reflection on these experiences inspired the sentiment behind this song. Sharing a specific moment where he recognized a car bumper sticker in remembrance of a high school classmate who had passed due to drunk driving, he said, “I couldn’t shake the feeling that death seems to follow me; I had experienced more at my age than any of my close friends.” The music video, set alternately within a gym and an empty classroom, alludes to Nick’s story. “Death Follows Me” is characterized by heavy riffs and straightforward lyrics that provide a cathartic release.

Arch Enemy – “In the Eye of the Storm”

In October 2021, Arch Enemy released the single “Deceiver, Deceiver”, their first new material in four years following 2017’s Will to Power. Since then, the Swedish melodic death metal stalwarts have dropped four more tracks ahead of their upcoming album Deceivers, which will be out on August 12. This project marks the band’s eleventh studio album overall, and the third with Alissa White-Gluz as frontwoman. While these singles are recognizably Arch Enemy, they sound pretty distinct from each other. “In the Eye of the Storm” is the most anthemic of the bunch. Fans drawn to the empowering, cinematic Will to Power track “The Eagle Flies Alone” will find a lot to love in the escape to freedom portrayed on “In the Eye of the Storm”.


Holy Fawn – “Dimensional Bleed”

Holy Fawn just unleashed the heavy title track for their second full-length album, which releases in September.  Much shorter than their typical six or seven minute atmospheric songs, the intensity and urgency is palpable. While frontman Ryan Osterman occasionally dropped a black metal scream at climactic moments of previous Holy Fawn songs (“Dark Stone” and “Candy” being two examples), this new track is the band’s most intense to date.  “Dimensional Bleed” alludes to the possibility of alternate timelines and dimensions existing at the same time.  Likewise, the music blurs the boundaries of several different styles, ranging from dream pop to alternative rock to black metal. No band makes alternately pretty and sinister music quite like Arizona’s Holy Fawn.


Invent Animate – “Shade Astray”

Invent Animate get technical and pretty on their latest song, “Shade Astray”. Atmospheric and passionate, the progressive metalcore track contains plenty of contrast and dynamics. Most notably, there’s a crushing breakdown in the middle rather than at the end, which then gives way to an unexpected soft section with clean vocals.

Earlier last September, Invent Animate released the moving EP The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was, which explores the impact and aftermath of addiction from dual perspectives. The subject carries a personal meaning for drummer and songwriter Trey Celaya, as he wrote the lyrics largely about his family’s drug addiction crisis. Similarly, “Shade Astray” provides an honest discourse on a difficult real-life scenario.  Lyrically, this song explores relinquishment and growth amidst the fallout from an unsalvageable relationship. Trey Celaya explained, “Someone stronger than you has to be able to walk away when you are self-sabotaging.  And the only wisdom to be gained is the knowledge that you are not the savior. There’s nothing to be salvaged and you must accept failure and let failure be your teacher. It’s a lesson only learned in solitude.” 


Fallujah – “Embrace Oblivion”

Following a brief detour on 2019’s polarizing Undying Light, Fallujah returned to their unique, signature sound with a new lineup. The second single from the technical + progressive death metal band’s upcoming album Empyrean is even stronger than the first. “Embrace Oblivion” is decidedly atmospheric and progressive, in contrast to the intense “Radiant Ascension”. Well-paced instrumental passages allow the ethereal elements more space to breathe. Katie Thompson from the Indianapolis progressive metal band Chiasma joins new vocalist Kyle Schaefer on this crushing, yet beautiful six-minute track. The result is reminiscent of signature songs “The Void Alone” and “Dreamless” while maintaining a unique identity. As a band, Fallujah sound revitalized and stronger than ever.


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