Fuming Mouth’s Mark Whelan is now cancer-free!

Late last year, Fuming Mouth guitarist/vocalist Mark Whelan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Multiple rounds of chemotherapy later (and thankfully, a bone marrow transplant), and Whelan has announced he’s free of cancer. Massively awesome news.

About the fantastic news, Whelan had this to say: “I’m proud to say that I am cancer FREE! Thanks to Be The Match I was able to receive a bone marrow transplant and am currently recovering. We’ll be updating my GoFundMe page soon with more details of how my treatment went. For now, I’m ready to start living again and playing music. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you. Your love will be felt forever. I’ll never die! I’ll never rest!”

The band is also working on new music at the moment, and needless to say, if you dig hardcore-influenced death metal, you’ll want to check out what Fuming Mouth have to offer.

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