May 19, 2024

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Forthteller’s EP ‘Nihilist’ Makes #2 On Billboard Heatseekers (Regional)


We congratulate the talented mates at Forthteller for having their recent release, ‘Nihilist’ make it on the Billboard charts at #2 on the Heatseekers. They’re currently signed to Imminence Records and are making it up to the top fairly quickly. I’ve never met such a humble, dedicated, and hard group of individuals as these musicians. You can purchase this EP with the following links below.


Purchase ‘Nihilist’ here.

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Here’s what Forthteller had to say..

In 2014, we started this project with the hopes of impacting the music scene. We wanted to bring genuine self-expression back to an ever commercializing industry. Today we have the distinct pleasure of announcing that on July 7th we will be releasing the most honest and authentic album we’ve ever written, titled: Nihilist EP.

The themes of this album reach far beyond the music scene. In this release, we are addressing some of today’s most pressing existential issues. If this resonates with you in any way, we invite you to join us as we bring light to a dark and dying world.

I’m confident in stating that ‘Nihilist’ brings out exactly what the band’s initial plan is… “in hopes of impacting the music scene”. When I think of Forthteller, I’m instantly reminded of their kindness, welcoming hearts, and especially the friendship that they bring at every show. My favorite thing is their endless effort to “bring light to a dark and dying world”; that’s something very rare to find within the industry. Music is meant to be felt within, but these musicians are taking it to another level. I’ve always believed that life is too short to not spread awareness and light upon topics that are at times disregarded. Using your platform to create something bigger than yourself is very important; and they’re doing a swell job at that.

Be sure to connect with them on their social media. 


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