December 9, 2021

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For rock newcomers Plush, the future is now

The story of Plush, an all-female rock band who are also quite young, is an interesting one. Let us fill you in with the tl;dr version: Vocalist/guitarist Moriah Formica appeared on NBC’s The Voice at just age 16, wowing the judges the making a huge impact – falling just short of the top 12. A few years later, she’s fronting a band called Plush. The band is getting set to drop their debut album on Pavement Entertainment, and they’re already receiving massive support with support shows with the likes of Seether and Mammoth WVH. It’s all super impressive, and that’s before you listen to the music.

Where Plush is definitely going to succeed is that their brand of rock is timeless. With all four members of the band being awfully talented beyond their years, the band’s two singles, “Athena” and “Hate”, are all doing pretty solid numbers. Especially “Hate”, which is almost at one million Spotify streams – a great number for a band that’s just in their infancy.

Considering their young ages, there’s still plenty of room for Plush to grow into a formidable rock force. They’ve already played some major festivals this year too, winning over new fans with their riff-heavy, catchy brand of rock that brings to mind the greats while still having a modern production. In other words, it’s not like the band is purposely trying to be a “throwback” act – they’re just that good at songwriting early on. Truly, Plush is part of the next wave of bright young acts doing things the right way.

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