February 27, 2024

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For Bring Me The Horizon, the only rule is that there are no rules

Bring Me The Horizon aren’t the kind of band to care what you think about them. That much should be obvious considering the band’s evolution at this point, but the band’s collaborations with everyone from Halsey (!!!) to Lotus Eater (!!) have certainly boosted the band’s following. Not that the notoriety is needed for them at this point – even amidst a global pandemic, the band’s recent music (singles “Parasite Eve” and “Ludens” as well as an EP the band dropped at the end of 2019) have been unqualified success stories, racking up tens of millions of streams. Where does that leave the band’s latest exploration, “Obey”, then?

In a word, it’s solid. The new song, which was teased last month and also features rising star Yungblud, proves that there aren’t many boundaries Bring Me The Horizon won’t cross. While it doesn’t necessarily deviate too far from the band’s newer, post-Amo material (think electronic rock that borders on heavier territory some of the time at least the two aforementioned singles), “Obey” features strong songwriting from the band and proves that, even amidst a pandemic that’s crippling the live events industry, tough times might just fuel the band’s creativity even more.

Of course, there’s plenty more to come. The band is releasing a set of four EP’s over the next year or so, and while the material will likely deviate from what you’ve heard from BMTH lately, rest assured that they’ll throw out a curveball or two. We’re here for it.

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