Florida’s Common Vision releases new EP, ‘Where Solace Meets The Misery’

Having released a couple EPs and with an increasing fanbase that’s growing, Florida’s Common Vision have started to hit their stride as of late. With various influences across the board from post-hardcore to a little more accessible metalcore and beyond, they’ve already made a big impact in their home base. With all the members of Common Vision having experience in previous projects beforehand, it’s probably not a surprise that experience has all made them better songwriters.

The new EP is the sound of a band taking a big leap forward. Particularly “The Dissonance”, whose electronic undercurrent and powerful vocals make for intriguing theatre. The EP as a whole was also produced by Austin Coupe (Moodring, Prison, Weeping Wound, Adaliah), helping elevate Common Vision above their peers as well. At 5 songs and just over 15 minutes, it’s a quick listen that’s more than worth your time, and the best part about it is that you’re likely to hear their best music is yet to come.

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