December 9, 2021

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Five important live concerts to watch with your metalhead partner during quarantine

Every metalhead knows that there are some concerts that are the stuff of legends. They had the singers in their primes, the music was fresh and raw, and they are better than the recorded albums from which the songs came. We are going to take a look at the seminal works of metal that you should watch with your partner during these times of isolation and quarantine so that you familiarize yourselves with the best works ever to be released. We have a collection of genres and a lot of great stuff to get through, so get ready.

Pandemic and Music Industry

Before we focus too much on the songs, we have to consider why we are advocating for you to check out these concerts at all. In 2020, COVID-19 became a pandemic that swept across the globe, shutting down tours and leaving people in doubt about when they would see their favorite band in person again. Although we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we are facing a serious problem even in 2021. While some bands have gotten the go-ahead to play their concerts in some areas, there is a limited number of tickets on the market since the concert halls must practice social distancing. Anyone that had plans to see a concert knows the disappointment that has come as a result of these rules, but they are probably going to be in place for the better part of the year, if not longer.

Even if you find that you could go to attend a concert in your country, some other people might not wish to attend. It seems that every week, we are finding out that people who group together cause outbreaks in their communities. While single self-isolated metalheads may compose their own music, read forums, communicate with like-minded people, or even have fun in the mature chat of choice, couples have to consider the preferences of each partner to organize the best pastime possible. People that live together and want to experience the best metal concerts can view the shows on streaming, Blu-Ray, or DVD.

Pivotal Live Metal Shows to Watch

As we have said, some metal shows are not merely representative of the genre. They are nearly a work of art in their own right. As such, we have picked some of the most important shows that have ever occurred from the biggest, most famous bands in metal in the past. While you might be interested in the new bands and genres, you should consider checking out some of these older bands. Not only will you see a great show and hear voices that will have you hooked, but you will also get the opportunity to broaden your horizons in the best way possible.

Alright, the time has come. Here are five of the live concerts from metal bands that you absolutely must see.

Children of Bodom—Chaos Ridden Years—Stockholm Knockout Live (2006)

Children of Bodom is probably most famous for the song “Are you dead yet?” but this album was jam-packed with far more live renditions of the band’s best songs than they had ever put on a single album. The singing was nothing short of intense, and the album was the best representation of their style. You’ll marvel at how Alexi Laiho keeps his voice strong throughout the nights this album was filmed. RIP Alexi.

Rammstein—Live Aus Berlin (1999)

The Live Aus Berlin album represented the breakthrough of Rammstein into the mainstream of Industrial Metal. While the band had been playing at large venues for a few years by this point, this specific show was the largest one they had put together to date. The raw, undamaged voice of Till Lindemann was perfectly complemented by stage acts such as those during Buck Dich and the Tier. From brutal singing and lyrics to the melodic Seemann, this might be the best rendition of Rammstein’s live music ever recorded. This is Rammstein before the international fame, but after they figured out how to use pyrotechnics to work for a crowd.

Nightwish—End of an Era (2006)

Let’s be honest. The Nightwish we have today is not the one that we started with in 1996. The concert was truly the end of the best era of the band by most measures. This concert album clocks in at 1 hour and 43 minutes, featuring favorites like The Siren and Nemo. That is not all that makes this album famous, though. End of an Era was the last show by Nightwish with their famous lead singer Tarja Turunen and signaled the band’s change in direction.

Metallica—S&M (1999)

What happens when you take one of the heaviest thrash metal bands of the 1980s and early 1990s and mix them with a symphony? As it turns out, you get one heck of a show. Metallica worked with the San Francisco Orchestra to create S&M (funny, we know), and it was incredible. Coming at a time when the band was facing a creative crossroads, we had a tamer, more mature version of James Hetfield singing old favorites like Master of Puppets along with new songs like No Leaf Clover. The musical accompaniment, though odd, worked perfectly.

Dream Theater—Live at Budokan (2004)

Dream Theater, a progressive metal band, put on an incredible show in 2004 when they recorded almost three hours of music in Tokyo. Perhaps the best piece of music on the album is Instrumedley, a 12-minute medley of incredible riffs and pieces they had written. If you like your prog metal with a lot of instrumentation rather than growling lyrics, this is the album for you.

These metal concerts are life-changing in the sense that they show you bands at a unique time in their history. Rammstein was just starting to get famous, Metallica was in the middle of reinventing itself, and Nightwish was about to face utter chaos from which some argue they never recovered. Listen to these older bands and enjoy some of the best live metal.

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