Five Acts to See at “The World’s Loudest Month”

Every year we are blessed with “The World’s Loudest Month”. A month of awesome music and festivals, with such a huge lineup it may be overwhelming to figure out who you wanna see this year. That’s why we’re here, to help narrow down the must see bands. So stay tuned after the jump where we narrow down five of what we think are the best bands playing this year.


1. Wage War

Blowing up very quickly Wage War is a metalcore band from Ocala, Florida. Originally known as Empires this band has one album entitled “Blueprints” that was a huge success in the scene. Supporting acts such as Stick To Your Guns, August Burns Red, Every Time I Die, and many more they have been hard at work and it shows. With amazing choruses and brutal screams this band is for your every day metalcore fan!



2. Alter Bridge 

Consisting of Myles Kennedy and former Creed members Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips; Alter Bridge was formed in 2004 after Creed’s disbandment. This group is already known for constant touring and insane shows! With breathtaking vocals and solid instrumentation Alter Bridge is a band that anyone should be able to enjoy. With hard rock songs, beautiful soft songs, and just impressive stage presence it’d be a shame to miss  out on them. They will be playing day 2 at Rock on the Range so make sure not to miss them!




3. Stone Sour


If you haven’t heard of Stone Sour you have to be living under a rock. The power house Corey Taylor fronts this awesome band, along with Slipknot and they are playing this years Rocklahoma. With a new album in the works we might even hear some new music played. The album I speak of was described by Corey Taylor as “probably the coolest album I’ve made since the first Slipknot album” during an interview with Blabbermouth. Fans of metal know how revolutionary Slipknot’s self titled was and just how heavy it is still compared to most music. This statement alone makes it a MUST to see them.


4. Sylar 

Playing the third and final day of Carolina Rebellion, Sylar is another band blowing up recently. With touches of metalcore and some nu-metal thrown in, this band’s reach is very wide. Do you like Deftones? You’d like Sylar. Wait, you like metalcore but never heard of Deftones? You’d like Sylar as well. They have your heavy songs that make you wanna jump in a pit but can come at you at another angle with songs like Dark Daze and give you some beautiful clean vocals over a softer instrumentation. They have been at it since 2011 but with the recent release of Help! they have truly hit the big time and are worth your time at this year’s Rebellion.



5. A Perfect Circle

Maynard James Keenan has three bands he fronts. Tool being the most popular, Puscifer a band that is looked at to be more his like solo work , and lastly A Perfect Circle. APC is a band that shows off his more intimate side and often features softer music compared to his other projects. They are playing this years Fort Rock and we couldn’t be more excited. With notable hits like 3 Libras, Judith, The Outsider, and Orestes we get more of a focus on Maynard’s vocal talents in APC. If you are a fan of acoustic music, Tool, or just enjoy beautiful lyricism we recommend you catch A Perfect Circle day 2 of Fort Rock.




Hopefully we could help you out with this years lineup and we hope to see YOU at one of these festivals!

Below are links to all the festivals’ websites: 

Carolina Rebellion (North Carolina) :

Rocklahoma (Oklahoma) :

Rock On The Range (Ohio) :

Welcome to Rocksville (Florida) :

Fort Rock (Florida) :



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