February 25, 2024

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Fit For An Autopsy Unable to Cross Canadian Border


Fit For An Autopsy are on tour with Devil Driver, WhiteChapel, Carnifex, Revocation,  and Rivers of Nihil. They have released this comment via their facebook page:

“Unfortunately Fit for an autopsy has been turned away at the Canadian border. We tried our best, after getting turned away last night, by coming back today to speak to someone who could “help”. Only to be turned away again. Sorry to all our friends and fan who made plans to see us, we hope to figure out a way to be back soon.”

Basically we were given paperwork to cover a couple outstanding problems that were keeping us out. We followed procedures, filed papers, and still got turned away even after all of the due process. It’s been a long day”

We want to wish the guys in Fit For An Autopsy the best of luck on the rest of their tour. Hopefully, they can get this figured out as soon as possible and get back on the road!


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