October 25, 2021

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Fit For An Autopsy to release new album, ‘Oh What The Future Holds”, in 2022

Fit For An Autopsy are one of the more reliable extreme metal bands around. Armed with several talented musicians that are also great songwriters, the band has been pushing the limits of extreme metal for years now.

The band will release a new album, Oh What The Future Holds, in January 2022. And you won’t have to wait long for the band’s first new material in a couple years – there’s a new single dropping from said album on September 24th. Are you not entertained?

Oh What The Future Holds tracklist:

01. Oh What The Future Holds
02. Pandora
03. Far From Heaven
04. In Shadows
05. Two Towers
06. A Higher Level Of Hate
07. Collateral Damage
08. Savages
09. Conditional Healing
10. The Man That I Was Not

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