Fit For A King have finished work on their upcoming seventh full-length album

Fit For A King in the studio. Photo Credit: Trevor McGoldrick
Over a decade after releasing their debut full-length Descendants, nothing could have prepared Texas metalcore band Fit For A King for what was to come. Six full-lengths into their career, they’ve sold hundreds of thousands of albums, toured around the world (around the world, around the world, around the world), and played shows with just about any important band you can think of. The acclaimed band have been hard at work on their upcoming full-length album, and like clockwork, you can probably expect a 2022 release for it as well.

In fact, that new album has been officially completed, according to the band. While there’s no release time or anything of that nature, the band is preparing to headline a major tour, so perhaps we’ll see a new song thrown into the set? Anything is possible, like Kevin Garnett once said.

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