Finding the Perfect Cannabis Moon Rocks for You

Moon rocks are a popular cannabis product that more and more dispensaries are adding to their inventory daily. When shopping, you will come across various strain types, prices, and potency levels. These variations can make finding the perfect product confusing and challenging.

Luckily, there are some tips you can follow to make the search easier.
Keep reading to learn how to find a cannabis moon rock that’s perfect for you.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks have been nicknamed “cannabis caviar” because they are made from some of the best cannabis products and are incredibly potent buds, dipped in concentrate and rolled in hash. At the end of the creation process the final product looks and feels similar to a candy truffle.

The concentrate the bud is dipped in is a honey-like oil that is made by extracting the trichomes oils from the cannabis plant. Concentrates generally have a THC content of %70 or higher.

The hash the bud is rolled in is another form of concentrate but is different because it is the accumulation of dry trichomes that fall off the plant’s buds, leaves, and stems. Hash typically has a THC content of %40-60.

You use moon rocks by placing a small amount in a pipe by itself or on top of a fresh nugget and smoking it as you would normally.


Since moon rocks are cannabis buds dipped and then rolled in highly potent marijuana extracts, you can assume that potency may be a concern for some consumers.

To find a moon rock that is perfect for you, consider your tolerance before making a purchase. If you smoke cannabis frequently, you will likely have no issues with stronger moon rocks. However, if you are new to using marijuana, you will want to find a moon rock with lower potency or wait until your tolerance is stronger before consuming it.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to identify the THC content of moon rocks since the percentages are typically just estimates. When making your purchase, ask the dispensary employees about potency levels. The staff will likely have an idea of how strong each moon rock is based on customer feedback in addition to the estimated THC level posted on the label.


If the price will be one of the determining factors in whether you purchase a certain moon rock, you should check out multiple dispensaries before buying because the prices vary drastically.

Since moon rocks are premium products, a premium price accompanies them. A single gram of moon rock can cost anywhere from twenty to sixty dollars depending on quality and source.

If you want the absolute best quality and have a high THC tolerance, go ahead and grab an expensive moon rock. But, if you are not a seasoned smoker, a cheap moon rock will likely be more than good enough.

You can compare moon rock prices by visiting local dispensary websites or calling various locations.


Just like regular cannabis, moon rocks offer different health benefits and effects depending on which strains are used in the product.

One of the most essential things to consider when finding the perfect moon rock is the health condition you plan you treat with it. That is, of course if you are smoking for medical purposes (which you can read more about here).

When comparing moon rocks, read the composition of each. The packaging should clearly indicate which strains were used for the product.

Indica strains provide relaxing benefits and will be best for individuals suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, muscle conditions, insomnia, and inflammation.

Sativa strains provide uplifting benefits and are best for consumers that struggle with mood disorders, low energy, loss of appetite, and poor focus.

Hybrid strains have a mix of indica and sativa genetics and are best for individuals that need a mix of all benefits.

If you are having a hard time deciphering what type of strain is used in a moon rock, the budtender can help you out.


Moon rocks are potent cannabis products that offer many health benefits in addition to an out-of-this-world high. If you are an experienced smoker, you may be considering purchasing a moon rock next time you’re at the dispensary.

You can find a moon rock perfect for you by considering the price, researching the strains used in the rocks, and paying attention to THC levels.

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