Film Review : Men In Black International


Men In Black is a franchise that has been all over the place quality wise. The first two are staples of the late 90’s, early 2000’s. The third is an awful film in which we best not speak of. International is what I assume the attempt to kickstart a new MIB franchise but instead comes off half done and mediocre.

The story follows Agent M who as a child sees an child but doesn’t get mind erased like her family and devotes her life to finding the organization that works with aliens. As far fetched as her actually finding a secret operation that doesn’t technically exist is, we will allow it. Once in and allowed to become an agent she teams up with Agent H and quickly is thrust into a mission on trusting the right people and saving the galaxy.

Sadly the story falls short due to an overall bland antagonist and a poor twist towards the end. We are never presented much truly interesting and the plot merely moves along at a slow pace.

Our one saving grace is that both Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are great together onscreen with their chemistry together. Side note should be made for Pawny the adorable little alien companion they get along the way.

Aside from chemistry though most of the action scenes fall short of anything fun or innovative. We get little in the terms of new alien technology and the movie fails in the way of showing many of the bigger moments in trailers.

Overall MIB International falls short in most sections. Instead we get a lackluster entry in the series only slightly better than the atrocious MIB 3. With this film I can’t see more being spawned from this series unless we get MIB 5 with an original cast or a better story.

Score : 4/10

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