December 6, 2023

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Fight The Fade release transcendent new song, “Losing Time”

If you placed an artist next to the word “underrated” in the dictionary, Fight The Fade might well be a top candidate. With their 2014 album Second Horizon, FTF established themselves as a tremendously exciting rock band that fit both sides of the coin – a heavier side that bordered on alternative metal, and a more melodic one that had surprising pop influences. Relatively speaking, of course.

They’ve since continued to expand their sound with more electronic influences than ever before, helping to give FTF a wide-ranging appeal. Yet, they still define the word “underrated”. Led by vocalist Zene Smith (what a talent!), this is a band clearly deserving of a bigger fanbase on the biggest stages, if you ask us. Or their devoted fanbase.

Having released their newest album APOPHYSITIS earlier this year, FTF have a Deluxe Edition of the record on the way as well. That’s why we’re stoked to bring you a new single from the band in the form of “Losing Time”, the video of which you can watch below. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, the song is a great introduction to everything they’re about – a strong melodic flair, a huge chorus, and enough heaviness to satisfy most rock or metal fans. Enjoy.

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