Fever 333’s Jason Aalon Butler teams up with Love Is Noise on huge new single, “Movement”

The words “promising” and “exciting” are quite often taglines that get used a little too much. Yet in the case of Love Is Noise, they tend to be pretty accurate. Formed just a year ago, the band has just a few songs out now – but they’ve already made a big impression. Taking their name from a song by The Verve, it’s pretty easy to see (and hear) where the band’s influences lie. Alternative metal, shoegaze, dream pop, and post-hardcore all take a turn in Love Is Noise’s sound, and newest single “Movement” falls more towards the alternative metal // metalcore side of things.

In fact, it leaves a pretty big impression for a number of reasons. One, the song features Fever 333 // Letlive // Pressure Cracks vocalist Jason Aalon Butler, who also signed the band to his record label. Two, it’s off the band’s debut EP, out in October. And three, the song is an alternative metal banger that oscillates between ethereal shoegaze and violent, bouncy post-hardcore/metalcore.

Yeah, this band is gonna be fucking BIG.

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