April 22, 2024

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Falling In Reverse cancel major festival appearance because of missing laptops, heavy backlash ensues

Falling In Reverse canceled (ironic, really) an appearance at radio festival WIIL Rock Fest (alongside Shinedown) on September 24th. Why? The band apparently has missing laptops that left them unable to perform the show.

Fans are proceeding to torch Falling In Reverse (specifically, controversial frontman Ronnie Radke) in the comments because of this action. Whether these criticisms are valid or worthy is ultimately up to you, but we’ve included a few of them below. To be fair, there are plenty of Falling In Reverse fans defending the actions, too. As Radke explained (and helpfully transcribed by Loudwire):

“We have no other option. I’m really — I’m sorry. And I never make videos like this. But I feel like I owe it to you guys. We walk into rehearsals, and our laptops are missing, that we run all of our show on and stuff. And as a band in 2022, you need your laptops, you know? It’s like driving a car without an engine. It’s really unfortunate. Supposedly they are lost. Blame it on our crew, I guess. I don’t know how that happened. That’s never happened before. Pretty upset about it. They were brand new laptops. … I’m very sorry, guys.”

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