October 19, 2021

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Fake Warped Tour fliers are setting social media ablaze

Do you miss shows? Of course you do. We all are pining for the return of our favorite bands to the stage. Tour postponements/cancellations hurt, but are necessary at this time. Some bands, like Dance Gavin Dance, have set a more concrete timetable for this fall for a return. Recently, though, a Vans Warped Tour tour flyer made the rounds of the internet, courtesy of State of the Scene Podcast’s Twitter account:

At first glance, one could be excited as hell about the news. Then, they’d actually look at the flyer and see names like MGK being on there 3 times, Megan Fox, and a comically-small Bad Omens, and realize it’s parody. Well, some people didn’t get the hint or are crushed by it being faked:

Now, we have another fake bill in the fray, courtesy of Ghost Killer Entertainment:

While this one may have more “on-brand” bands, a good portion of them haven’t been around in a decade, like Make Me Famous and Chiodos. Regardless, this one’s a bit more convincing and has some commenters distraught and confused, as there’s a good portion of them asking if it’s fake or not. Nevertheless, both Ghost Killer and State of the Scene got the scene buzzing about the possibilities with these bills, and one would imagine that when the tour makes its return, tons of these bands will make the real bill.

Warped Tour hasn’t been around since 2019, and founder Kevin Lyman confirmed it’s still a few years off. Until then, we can have a hearty laugh at these bills and the reactions they bring about.

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