Exclusive: Vesuvius Tour Diary, Part 1: A Short Film


When listening to music, I always make a note of bands that are pushing the boundaries and limits of their genres. There’s a lot of those out there, thankfully, but discovering them isn’t always an easy process unless they’re snapped up by a label or have great public relations skills. Enter Tragic Hero Records’ recent signees Vesuvius, whose debut record My Place Of Solace And Rest is a solid, passionate offering that pushes the boundaries of metalcore in general, being a generally more ambient and finished product than their peers.

The band is currently on the adventure of a lifetime, touring the USA for the first time on a headlining tour (with Curses and Change Is as support), and Vesuvius recently published a tour diary that you can watch below. This is part 1/3 of the tour diary, and though it was shot on an iPhone, it’s a cool short film that you should watch. You’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on this talented Canadian band.

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