Exclusive: These Hearts live acoustic set




In 2009, I used to work at Hot Topic as “The Music Guy”. I would scout out local bands from all over the country to bring into the company under the local music department. I was also apart of the Local Static Program where I would bring in bands in my region (North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota) in my store and perform acoustic sets.

One of the bands I brought into the store was the Fargo, North Dakota popcore band These Hearts. They were in the store to promote their upcoming show opening up for the post hardcore/pop punk band Four Letter Lie (who we had come in the next day for a meet n greet). They played a 4-track set for us, all on acoustic and minus the screams. This performance was before Victory Records discovered them and added them to their roster.


Sorry for the quality, the drums overtook most of the sound on the video.





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