September 22, 2023

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Exclusive: Passing of a Father, Musician, Husband and Friend; Remembering Tony Sly



Today is the 1 year anniversary of Tony Sly’s passing and it is still crazy to think that he is gone. You can see what kind of an impact he made just by looking at the support his family and band members have received. I never got to personally meet him but have been a part of his musical career for over 15 years. I have had the chance to see his band No Use For A Name live several times and you can see his passion for his music when Tony is on stage. He is not making music to be famous, but rather, to share his story and to entertain his fellow fans.

Tony has been in the music business since 1989, joining the hardcore punk/melodic punk band No Use For A Name before also pursuing a solo career. He has also released a couple of split acoustic albums with his friend and fellow musician Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes). He has released 8 full lengths with NUFAN, 2 solo albums plus the 2 splits with Joey Cape. A lot of punk and rock bands today, look at NUFAN as one of their biggest influences.

The reason why I have decided to write this article is to give back in his name and to do my part in making sure his legacy lives on in a positive light. He was one hell of a song writer and performer and from what I can tell, was also an amazing friend, husband and father. His lyrics were some of the most honest and vulnerable words I have heard from a musician and you feel like you are alongside him on his personal journey. Obviously, his songs were mainly written about his loved ones and life experiences, but he had a way to make you feel like he was singing to you.

I’m hoping that everyone close to Tony Sly reads this and agrees with what I have written and know that people like me will always keep him alive through his music and that he was a true inspiration to thousands of people. It is sad to think that we will no longer get any music from Tony since he had many more years ahead of him, so we will have to continue to jam out to his tracks and continue to remember his triumphs. I’m looking forward to picking up the tribute album that Fat Wreck Chords is putting together and hearing his friends play his songs. There is another tribute album released by a company in Australia that features lesser known punk bands and I will put the link below for you all to check out.

Tony, I hope you are making beautiful music wherever you are and we hope to see your new band play on the other side. RIP Homie

We have no choice but to say goodbye to the physical presence of Tony Sly, but he will live on in our thoughts, in our hearts, and in our memories; eternally through his music and his children. Goodbye, our friend. ~From the Fat Wreck Chords website

Link to track list for upcoming Fat Wreck Chords tribute album

Link to When It Ends It Begins With You

If you would like to contribute to the Tony Sly Memorial Fund, click this link

The Donots feat. Frank Turner tribute video to Tony

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