May 25, 2024

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Exanimate unleash emotional warfare with their new ‘Mosaic Warfare’ – listen!

Seattle duo Exanimate is a duo that is quickly involving in their sound, and without little misstep. The metalcore band has just released their new track ‘Mosaic Warfare’ via BeheadingTheTraitorExanimate continues to push the limits of their sound and writing styles release after release. The newest release ‘Mosaic Warfare’ ties together everything the band has formulated since their founding. Exanimate takes a very blended approach that fuses metalcore with some nu-metalcore elements. ‘Mosaic Warfare’ finds itself surrounded by atmosphere of ambient sounds that emphasizes the impact of the overall song. The new song is a follow-up from the band’s recent EP ‘Därknes’ which was released this earlier this year. Fans of bands like Varials, Knocked Loose, Currents, and Northlane may find a liking in Exanimate!


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