September 23, 2021

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Every Hour Kills premiere new single, “Anthelion” (feat. Threat Signal’s Travis Montgomery)

Canadian metal band Every Hour Kills have unveiled “Anthelion”, a new single off their upcoming EP. The band, who are an Internet-only project, are releasing their new EP next month – and we’re stoked to be teaming up with the band to present you their new single “Anthelion”. The song, which features Travis Montgomery (Kill The Lights, Threat Signal) in a guest guitar solo, lays down a synth and electronic foundation with the melodic metal the band has become known for. Give “Anthelion” a spin below. Ambitious yet accessible, to say the least.

“Re:Awaken” is a concept album with a rich and colourful story that plays into the lore of Every Hour Kills. It sends the listener into the 22nd century, where humanity is deteriorating and the only help seems to come from a race of aliens, the Illusions. Their proposition was simple: in exchange for children who had not yet been consumed by the plague, they would give us medicine to heal the sick.

The single “Anthelion” features a guest guitar solo from Travis Montgomery of Threat Signal, Meytal, and Kill The Lights and is an angry tale of a man having his autonomy and rights taken away by the elite race and the loss of privacy in the new technological age. The band explains the listening experience in their own words:

“It is meant to smash together progressive metal with a cinematic film score. There are literally hundreds of tracks of synth and orchestration going on underneath the metal band foundation; so, each listen should uncover new tidbit of ear candy and layers, especially with headphones or good speakers!”

As an internet-only project, Every Hour Kills leverages this sole focus in bringing in a wide variety of guest artists from around the world and collaborates with artists of all kinds. This EP comes with a visual storybook from Splice Comics that supplement the themes of the band.

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