September 16, 2021

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Eternal Void make a monumental return with their new album “Serenity in the Black”

Born in the depths of Dayton, Ohio, metal band Eternal Void has had an impressive run since their conception. Eternal Void produces a fairly unique version of metalcore that is formed around harmonies. Eternal Void has been working on their new album for years,, and that album is “Serenity in the Black”. When we first checked out this album, we were left speechless at the diversity held inside this record. Eternal Void has done a fantastic job at keeping their album very diverse with both heavy and lighter tracks. Eternal Void has packed ten intense tracks inside their new album – each one pulling their own weight.


Let’s dive into some deeper details and thoughts, shall we? From the start of the record you’ll end up pretty excited for the rest of the record. Immediately, you’ll get pumped with the energy the first track, “Crippling Thing“, provides. The album continues with the next track “Kin”, which left us pretty impressed with the high notes throughout the choruses. Just from those two tracks, you’ll be in for a treat. The starter tracks set a valid and accurate mood for the rest of the record. Eternal Void continues to build on their musical composition. This is very noticeable when comparing to their last record “Catharsis”. The third track “Despondent”, which features Courtney from Spiritbox, is one of the lighter tracks held on the record, but this one really sticks out for all the right reasons. Throughout the course of this record you’ll likely be left replaying some tracks, especially with the consistent yet complex guitar work throughout the album. “Enemy”, which is a heavy hitting track featuring Andrew Patterson, is another standout.. Eternal Void has taken their sound and evolved it for the 2020s, and we’re all for it.


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