April 22, 2024

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EP Review: “Smoke and Mirrors” by Vital Signs


Vital Signs’ (Imminence Records) debut EP, “Smoke and Mirrors” is definitely something to check out if you’re into bands such as Memphis May Fire, The Color Morale, Myka, Relocate, This or The Apocalypse, The Word Alive, etc. Read the review on this album after the jump.

The intro and in your face start to “Sound of the End” as the beginning of the EP is a dead giveaway that this should very well be a band to pay attention to come the time of the release of their debut album. It hooks the listener with showing everything they’ve got and leaves them breathless at the end of the track.

“Dear Death”, the second single and the second track on the album, is a much heavier track than the first, with heart wrenching lyrics such as, “Dear death, are you listening? Have you been here all along? Waiting for the right time to take all that we love. What a shame, what a shame; you could’ve had anything. The world has betrayed us, this plague is contagious.” This song was a single before the EP was released and like the first single, it is intended to have you hook, line, and sinker.

With an interlude (appropriately named just that) that could sweep you off your feet in love with this band just for the instrumentals, but come right back and make you get back up on your feet for “The Chosen” and title track, “Smoke and Mirrors” will leave you exhilirated.

All in all, I believe this band will go very far if they keep up with what they’ve got now. The musicians that give breathe life into Vital Signs include Alex Runk on vocals, Alex Bolton on guitar, Bryan Merriman on guitar, Frankie Donaldson on bass, and Patrick Sherman on drums.

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