December 2, 2023

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EP Review: Kim Cameron’s “No Regrets”


It seems as if Kim Cameron could not have picked a better title for her new EP. From leaving a less than fulfilling life in corporate America to becoming a Billboard charting pop musician and successful children’s book author, it seems as though Cameron, if made to do it all over again, wouldn’t change a thing.

This confident assurance is all too present on No Regrets. Every track has a certain energy, coupled with a pronounced ease that is indicative of a real sense of identity. Kim Cameron knows who she is and has more than come into her own musically, and the songs reflect this, flowing effortlessly from track to track. Whether it be the irresistibly funky “Play it Again,” or the more laid back “Drive,” every cut from this EP oozes confidence and competence from a pop singer who will restore any cynical listener’s faith in fun, dance-able pop music once again.

-Andrew Oliver

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