January 21, 2022

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EP Review: Intervention – “I’m No Good”


Intervention are a four-piece, alternative/indie/pop-punk project from Florida.

The “I’m No Good” EP begins “You thought you had me right in the palm of your hand…” and Intervention will surely hold you captive with their addition to the current explosion of shoe-gaze inspired pop-punk and indie-rock.

The slower moments ring out like those of Balance & Composure or Citizen as the lyrics are sung with a strained yearning for you to find out exactly what they mean to their author. The faster songs come across something similar to Polar Bear Club or The Wonder Years with their more aggressive pop-punk leanings.

What I like most about this EP is how “Live” it sounds. There is character and life to it, that is sometimes missing in modern recording. All in all, Intervention have made a great entrance into the music world and I look forward to hearing what they do next! This EP will be released tomorrow, May 20th on their bandcamp page.

I give Intervention’s EP, “I’m No Good” an 8/10

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