October 20, 2021

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Energy Rates Affecting Funeral Homes – How Can Switching Your Energy Provider Mitigate This?

With rising inflation, the cost of services has gone up – and these include funeral homes. They have been in the negative limelight because of the increased prices of funeral services. The general public sentiment is that the funeral directors are not considerate enough. However, the reality is quite different, the average funeral service cost has not increased much over the years.

Most funeral directors provide a personal service and try their best to accommodate the bereaved family. The majority of the amount paid by a funeral client goes towards the energy bill. The cost of energy utilities is not in the control of a funeral home but they still try to charge as low as possible.

If you are a funeral director or run a funeral home that is trying to stay afloat you should consider switching your energy provider. Switching your energy provider can help you get cheaper rates and a contract that caters for your needs.

Where Should You Start?

You can start looking for an energy supplier a year before your contract expires this way you will have plenty of time to do your research. You will not have to worry about going through the process of early termination.

Plus you will find the best possible rates available in the commercial energy market.

Choosing The Type Of Contract

There are two types of contracts that are available, one is a fixed contract while the other one is a variable contract. Both of these have their pros and cons.

The fixed contract type will lock your energy rates at a fixed price for a certain period of time. This type of contract is best for businesses that want certainty and they can allocate a certain budget that will go towards paying the bills. Your funeral home can choose this contract so your funeral service costs do not fluctuate and you can pass on the benefit to your customers.

The variable contract provides a free-floating rate for energy utilities. This type of contract will be best for regions where the prices do not fluctuate when the season changes. And if you are lucky you can sometimes get rates that are negligible, increasing your e-billing facility or do they provide stats on energy consumption? These services are more like an add-on but they can be a deal-breaker for some.

You should also get in touch with other funeral homes, to know about what rates are being offered to them by their energy supplier.

At the end of the day try to find a supplier that provides the cheapest rates with reliable customer service.

Get A Professional Energy Manager

Running a funeral home is not an easy task, you have to provide the best possible services and also have to offer emotional support to the bereaved family. With all of this, you also have to make sure that the cost of your service does not become too expensive.

As a result, you should switch your energy supplier with the help of a professional energy manager such as Utility Bidder. At Utility Bidder, they do all the research and market evaluation and find you a deal that fits your bill perfectly. They have years of experience in the energy sector so you can have peace of mind once you start using their services.

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