Enemy AC130 Above’s “The Center of Celestial Existence” is a metal lover’s dream

Solo act Enemy AC130 Above was founded in 2009 with Doug Painter being the sole contributor to everything within the project. Enemy AC130 Above is a instrumental project that really shines in every aspect, and you have to admit it’s even more impressive when you take into account it only being one man. His new album “The Center of Celestial Existence” is out now – and

The Center of Existence is a fine-tuned piece of music, all the way from creative transitions to overall composition and structure. Doug has really up the ante on the new record compared to the project’s previous efforts. Enemy AC130 Above shows true potential to catapult themselves up there with bands like Polyphia and Animals As Leaders. Whether it’s the impressive song structures Enemy AC130 Above produces a cosmic atmosphere with pulverizing metal songwriting and production. Right from the get go you’re propelled t0 a chilling atmospheric melody that will continue to evolve and change throughout the record. As you continue to listen you will notice how every song connects and shares elements with each other all while each song is fairly different. This makes the album feel very well thought out in its transitions between songs. The guitar work done by Doug truly outshines his previous efforts, too, which is arguably the most impressive aspect about the album. We slap “The Center of Celestial Existence” with the New Fury stamp of approval.

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