April 20, 2024

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EA FC 2024: Everything We Know So Far

It might be a different name, but this incredibly popular football video game franchise continues to excite and challenge gamers, despite EA Sports and FIFA parting ways.

EA Sports ended its 30-year relationship with FIFA in 2023 and we now know it as EA FC 2024. That aside, nothing much else has changed. You can still get all the skillful help and guidance you need for the latest game using a service like Kboosting. Using this option helps you achieve any in-game goals with consummate ease and allows you to enjoy a higher level of competency and achievement.

Having undergone a notable name change, what else is new, and what do we need to know about EA FC 2024?

Many things about the new game will be instantly familiar

As you might expect, EA Sports was always going to be very reluctant to change a winning formula. They might have broken away from a 30-year partnership with FIFA but it has done everything possible to keep the same look and feel that players love.

It is important to note that EA has managed to retain the rights to be able to include original players and offer you the same choice of leagues and clubs. In line with a growing trend, it is also offering access to new content that covers women’s football.

All of this will be revealed when the official version becomes available at the end of September 2023. In the meantime, the BETA version provides all of the details about new features and gameplay that players want to know about.

The inclusion of women players is a game-changer for many reasons

The most notable change that defines a new era for EA Sports is how it has embraced the impact that the women’s game has had on the cultural landscape.

It creates a host of new link possibilities and it is going to be very interesting to find out how some of these women players will fit into the Ultimate Team meta.

It is expected that goalkeepers won’t be a dominant force at this point, but the anticipation that some serious dribbling skills could be unveiled with this change of direction.

You are going to be getting new icons to enjoy with the launch of EA FC 2024 and there is a fresh Champions League design to enjoy. In addition, many players will be eagerly anticipating the introduction of Women’s Hero cards.

A notable change to icon versions

EA Sports has confirmed that you can expect a lot fewer icon versions in its new game. The previous options of Base, Prime, and Mid-Icons are making way for a standard version for each player.

The World Cup will no longer be an option

One of the biggest changes to come about as a result of EA Sports and FIFA going their separate ways is that the World Cup is no longer an option that EA can offer in their game.

If you want to play the biggest football tournament you are going to have to do that through FIFA games in the future.

A lot of changes to career mode

EA has been quick to announce a serious amount of changes to its career mode.

It is intent on making the latest version its most immersive experience ever. You also get to enjoy a new spectate mode. There are also some notable tweaks implemented that are designed to add more depth to the game than in previous versions.

You can now improve your managerial capabilities in the new game. EA has added coaches who have the ability to develop players so that they are able to attain new levels of potential and achievement in their chosen positions.

You will also see that a new Tactical Visions feature has been added. This is known as Philosophies in the game. It is designed to make it easier to shape a team and give you greater control over the way it plays the game. If you like being able to play more possession-based football, for instance, FC 24 makes this easier to achieve.

Another notable new feature is Dynamic Moments. This consists of a series of special segments that allow you to relive some of your team’s greatest moments in more forensic detail.

Plenty of managerial philosophy options

If you want to stifle a game and get results around a philosophy of uncompromising defending and solid organizational tactics, you can choose “Park the Bus” as one of the options.

If you believe that a high press is the way to win a game you can put that philosophy into action by using the “Genpressing” option. You also have other philosophies at your disposal such as “Counter-Attack”, and “Wing Play”, amongst others. Or you could take a more balanced approach using the “Standard” philosophy that encompasses adopting a strong defense while still carrying a threat when going forward.

Whatever your desired managerial philosophy, you can find a way to put that into action when playing FA 24.

Players can hire coaches

It is also worth noting that this new version of the game gives you the opportunity for players to hire coaches that align with their tactical vision.

Coaches are available to hire at three different levels. You can either choose a novice, accomplished, or expert coach to give a player the required depth of knowledge and development to improve their game.

Scouting potential transfer targets

If you know that your team needs a player that is perfect for your philosophy and style of play you can use the tactical vision scouting option in the game.

There are filters that let you choose from a Backup option to cover for injuries to scouting a world-class player who could have a dynamic impact on your team’s performance and results.

All of these tweaks and new features are adding to the heightened sense of anticipation that a new chapter in football video games is upon us with the introduction of EA FC 2024.

Are you ready to make your mark and achieve new levels of success? Bring it on.

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