Dropout Kings continue to impress with their new song “Hey Uh”, and we can’t get enough!

Dropout Kings has been a name on the rise for very good reasons. The group provides high levels of energy, fun lyrics, and choruses that get stuck in your head. Forming in 2016, Dropout Kings sought to reinvigorate the rock infused hip-hop genre, which sees heavy influences of both genres in the music. Dropout Kings released their debut album “AudioDope” on August 10th, 2018 to much favorable reception. Napalm Records was so impressed with Dropout Kings that they signed them to release their debut album before the group ever hit the stage. The innovative group quickly hit the drawing board for their next release. Signing to Stay Sick Records – Dropout Kings went on to release their EP titled “GlitchGang” in the midst of 2020, and was received very well by fans new and old. Praising the unique style the band presents, while keeping it fresh for themselves. Dropout Kings remained fairly active in the 2020 year that was struck down by the pandemic. The group saw the release of their GlitchGang EP, their single “I Ain’t Depressed”, and the release of their song “BottleRat” featuring Outline In Color, and Blupill. In 2021 Dropout Kings announced they’re signing with Suburban Noize Records, they shortly after re-released their “GlitchGang” EP with the new label. Dropout Kings has remained one of the most innovative groups I’ve came across in the last few years, and they did it again with their brand new song “Hey Uh”. It never fails that with most of their new releases comes a well executed music video to compliment the bands unique styling. The new song comes accompanied with a visually pleasing music video that fits the mood and vibe, just as most of their videos excels at. Dropout Kings is one of the bands that never disappoints me, and I’m hard to please.


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