September 23, 2021

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Dreaming Of Being A Star? Here’s How You Can Promote Your Work

In the last few decades, the entertainment industry has experienced insanely rapid growth, making it hard for upcoming artists hailing from a weak musical background to break into the scene.

Artists at such a disadvantage have taken social media to promote their music. Even though there’s a rapturous pool of traffic on social media, using social media and getting something out of it requires one to have sound knowledge of social media marketing or its basics and how to engage more audience in a short span of time. There are lots of musical talents out there struggling to get into the limelight but don’t have the strong background or management that could help them pull through to achieve their dreams. For such people looking forward to finding hope for a blast in their musical career, dreaming of becoming a star – here are a few tips that can help you to promote your art, especially in the music industry. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Use Music Distribution Platforms

Everything you do in music marketing is targeted towards getting known and, resultantly, earning an income from your music. For your music distribution and monetization SoundCloud is one of those platforms made available to artists that give them the opportunity to share their music for the purpose of gaining recognition from the public and even well-known artists and labels who could be their potential clients or hirer. In order to achieve a reasonable fit on SoundCloud, you have to gain Spotify plays first so that you can earn revenue and encourage more people to listen to your tracks. A smart way of attracting a wider audience is by buying some plays on these websites. This can act as a boost to your music.

Make Unique Music Videos

The most common way that most up-and-coming artists gained entry into the big music industry is by creating that one viral music video. You have to create something that blows the mind of your audience for you to be able to go viral.

Creating such stunning videos would require the service of a professional videographer and video editor. In case you’re on a low budget and or you do not want to shoot a real video, you can get an animator to create an animated video that syncs with your music.

In music there’s a need for creativity and people tend to like animated videos because of the motion graphics and the cinematic scenes and most importantly it makes the video generic making it appealing to a massive audience.

Engage With Your Audience

If you take a look at celebrities that are most celebrated, they are celebrities with the most social media engagement. Allow end-to-end conversation by asking for feedback on your latest releases. Endeavor to reply to their comments on your post and create a personal connection. If you want to promote yourself and your music brand with engagement with your audience, first, you have to learn to take criticism positively. If you can maintain a good relationship with your followers on social media, it will be extremely useful for your image, and positively promote your music and brand.

Create An Outstanding Social Media Presence

In music, you’re the number one face of your brand. People must love and want to know you, so the first thing to do to promote your music online is by creating for yourself and your music –a social media presence. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are available for your use to inform your audience about your upcoming songs, new releases, and tours.

Instagram and Facebook are great for boosting your popularity and making your music viral because of the number of users on those platforms many of which are youth who are music lovers and a lot of brands that are your potential endorser or recorded label. Your social media presence can be maximized to pull your fans and followers to your tracks on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Focus on the three platforms when you’re starting out and strive to attract as many followers here as you can.

Do Live Shows

Technology has made things easy. In the past, you needed a lot of things to be in place to set up a show but now, with your smartphone, you can connect with millions of people across the world. Doing video will quicken your growth and help your music to travel far without spending heavily. Tools like Facebook live, Instagram live and zoom can help you achieve this.

The music industry is very competitive and a lot needs to be done for you to achieve your purpose of doing music. Obscurity is the greatest enemy of music art but if you’re able to fight this and get your music to be before your target audience, you’ll most likely do well. The tips in this post can help you find your way out of obscurity, promote your music, and get known.

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