October 20, 2021

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Dream On, Dreamer Has Broken Up

In a social media post earlier today, Dream on, Dreamer has announced that they are no more.

The band made a splash in the early part of the previous decade, releasing Homebound during the golden days of post-hardcore and going on several tours with bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce the Veil, and Silverstein.

Dream on, Dreamer was a band I found in their early EP stages, with the impressive Set Sail, Armada and Hope entering my regular rotation in 2009. Following years saw some strong albums, like Loveless and Songs of Solitude. Most impressive is that the band stayed afloat after leaving label management in 2014 by releasing some of their best work in 2018’s It Comes and Goes.

In the statement made today, the band noted that they are “at a cross road where other areas of our personal lives require that care and attention to be focused”. The band has a lot to be proud of, with many accomplishments over their 11-year span.

Us at New Fury wish the band well, and thank them for their awesome music that we will reminisce on today and in the future!

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