DRAGONCORPSE blends power metal and deathcore with their new song “Terror Eternal”

Forming in 2022 with members that stretch across the world, being based in US, Canada, and Australia, DRAGONCORPSE has just unveiled their new song via The Circle Pit. Their unique sound pairs power metal and deathcore in fluid and interesting ways. Taking the heavy-hitting aspects of deathcore and methodically combining them with the melodies of the power metal genre. DRAGONCORPSE has been going strong, with this being their third song. The song was released with an amazing music video that shows the band’s humor and fun side. It’s honestly one of my favorite music videos of 2022 with shots of puppets in the chorus, the whole video projects contagious feel-good energy. DRAGONCORPSE really subverted my expectations in all the right ways with this new track, coming out sounding fresh in an over-saturated scene. DRAGONCORPSE is made up of Mardy Leith (Path of Victory / Russian Novel), Kris Chayer (Beyond Deviation / Burnt River), Noah Nikolas Laidlaw (Planetkiller), Dale Urban (Mortem Obscuram), and Justin Gogan (Throne of Exile). Each member has previous experience in the industry and has joined forces to create music for the love and passion of it. DRAGONCORPSE brings along Jesse Lindskog of Dragonland to feature on the track, and the results are pleasing. What came as a pleasant surprise was seeing The Brownings Hardcore Keem appear throughout the music video! This is a very strong song for the international project, and I’m excited to see what they do next!

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