Dizasterpiece’s eclectic new album ‘ZZONEBOUND’ isn’t bound by rap or rock’s genre restrictions

Dizasterpiece’s new album might well be considered a breakthrough moment – and not just from the band’s perspective. Announcing intentions early in the album cycle to come up with something that blurred several genre lines, Dizasterpiece’s new album ZZONEBOUND is, ironically, not bound by genre restrictions that other projects might self-impose.

For the uninitiated, Dizasterpiece’s early material was influenced almost exclusively by hip-hop and rap. The twist was that it was operated with the kind of ethos and passion one would find in NYHC/punk. Having morphed into what’s now a full band, the new Dizasterpiece album contains more in the way of diversity than was apparent on previous releases. In fact, sometimes that musical diversity is much more apparent and immediate. Littered throughout are some very pronounced shoegaze/post-hardcore influences, rare to hear a record like this, but welcome all the same.

At 8 tracks // 34 minutes, ZZONEBOUND’s timing could scarcely be more prescient. Nu-metal’s somewhat recent dalliance with shoegaze and dream pop has helped prove that the genre’s diversity is more than was thought possible. And particularly on ZZONEBOUND, the increase in songwriting ability ensures Dizasterpiece could fit on just about any tour lineup without being out of place. Perhaps it’s not a surprise Dizasterpiece have already lined up a large chunk of their upcoming tour with dates supporting The Bunny The Bear + (Hed) P.E., and you can bet there’s a lot more coming as well. Either way, this is the right zone to be in.

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