September 16, 2021

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Divine Destruction has unleashed their new EP “My Suffering”

Deathcore is a genre that continues to evolve with the times, and up and coming bands like Divine Destruction are continuing to give deathcore a good name. Divine Destruction lies on the dark side of deathcore with lyrics and musical atmosphere. Divine Destruction have just unleashed their monstrous EP titled My Suffering. The five track EP is a punishingly brutal collection of songs, and an impressive one at that! Divine Destruction is a dynamic duo between two incredibly talented individuals. The vocals is led by Bryce – with his range throughout the record we were left impressed. Seemingly, each new release by the band ends up pushing the limits in both sound and production. The guitar, bass, and percussion is handled by Alex, who is the mastermind behind multiple notable projects such as Litterbox Massacre and Planetkiller. Divine Destruction is a band that if you’re a metalhead, you should check out!

New Fury Media