May 25, 2024

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Divide The Fall release new EP ‘Dead Memories’

DIVDE THE FALL have released their much anticipated EP, Dead Memories. The four piece rock band from Minneapolis, MN showcases just what they are capable of in this release, after previous singles led the band to plenty of hype in their home state of Minnesota.

“Dead Memories is an album of catharsis, allowing yourself to appreciate the pain of life’s difficult moments and then moving forward and leaving those memories buried in the past.” –Ethan Weinaug (vocalist)

I Won’t Fade Away was the first release in May of 2019 following DIVIDE THE FALL’s self titled debut EP.  Combining uplifting lyrics and an insane riff that will cause you to jump around. A feel good song that has been a fan favorite since its release. Fake Love is the perfect blend of pop influences shown in the catchy chorus and paired with a breakdown that comes out of nowhere showing their metalcore influences, this song will have you tearing up while moshing in your room. The perfect song to send to your ex.

Bring You Down contains captivating lyrics that grab your attention from the start. Melodic harmonies and stunning, clean vocals carry you throughout the story of the song. With riffs that will leave you humming it long after the song ends the band shows a skill set that not even all veteran bands possess.

Darker Side starts off strong from the very first note leading into a verse that completely flips to soft vocals from a thundering scream. Lyrically one of their shorter songs, Darker Side still packs a punch with hard hitting lyrics and heavy guitar notes.  Broken is vocally one of the cleanest songs on the release. Emotions pour out from the chorus leading into the bridge. From start to finish the song is beautifully written and thought provoking.

In closing, DIVIDE THE FALL is destined to become a household name among the rock scene. They are the type of band that captivates you from the very first note to the last. Each song will be stuck in your head long after it has stopped playing. If you are a fan of Three Days Grace, Picteresque or SLAVES, they need to be added to your daily playlist. Listen to the EP linked below.

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