February 27, 2024

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Detroit deathcore band For I Am Genocide comes out smashing with their debut song, “Complete Disharmony”

In March 2022 a new band from the heart of Michigan was born. That band is named For I Am Genocide, and they came out swinging with their debut song. The band was formed by Ronnie Lee Pasquale in the middle of 2022, after departing from the band Forces which gained national attention, Ronnie contacted Tyler R.G. (Guitar) and Jacobi Sailsbury Przano (Vocals) to begin the lifeblood of For I Am Genocide. To complete the line-up the band reached out Jimmy Saad (Guitar) and Justin Smith (Bass), after pulling them on board the band got rolling. For I Am Genocide is one of the most intense bands I’ve heard in recent memory. They have just unveiled their first single, ‘Complete Disharmony’, and what a fierce 3 and a half minute ride that was. The song kicks off with a drum roll leading into a volcanic vocal eruption that formally kicks the song off. For I Am Genocide keeps the intensity at a maximum with formidable percussion, huge blast beats, and clever songwriting. For me, the two to three minute mark is very impressive, that section I had to replay about five times. Fans of black metal-inspired deathcore will find just what they’re looking for with For I Am Genocide. It’s not often bands pull this off well, but this band does. The Detroit based group has started working on their debut EP, and also have started booking live shows for the near future!.



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