Dead Monster Galaxy releases high-energy new track “Projection Unkind”

Dead Monster Galaxy is a fresh face in the hardcore scene, surfacing in 2020 with his debut EP. Dead Monster Galaxy is a solo project spearheaded by JD McClure that blends old school hardcore with some aspects of Djent and modern death metal. Dead Monster Galaxy has returned after a two year break to present us with his new song “Projection Unkind” featuring vocalist Rob McClurg. Rob s a retired movie special effects, makeup artist, art director. Rob is also the vocalist for Consumed X Chemistry. He has trained with artists such as CJ Souter and Tim Aymar. Both JD and Rob have fought with serious medical issues, bringing the two closer together. Rob even brought his wife Kristi along for the ride on doing the artwork for this release. This song easily became my favorite from the aspiring solo project with its flowing melodies and unique style. Dead Monster Galaxy presents captivating guitar writing, high energy percussion, and vocals that are fairly unique and experimental sounding. After coming off his first release ever in 2020, it’s clear JD has spent time honing his sound and improving as “Projection Unkind” is easily their best release. This fresh project deserves a chance! Give them a listen and follow!




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