Dance Gavin Dance take you on a “Midnight Crusade”

Dance Gavin Dance are back with a bang. After weeks of teasing, the Sacramento post-hardcore juggernaut has returned with the first single (and music video) from their eighth studio album¬†Artificial Selection, due out June 8th on Rise Records. The new track is called “Midnight Crusade”, and is sure to thrill longtime fans and new converts alike, as the group’s signature brand of quirky intensity is present in full force.

The music video itself centers around a somewhat dysfunctional android, memorably portrayed by co-vocalist Jon Mess, whom his creators attempt to integrate into society, with decidedly mixed results. As always, the band’s great sense of humor and playful energy is coupled with their sterling musicianship to create something that could come from no one else.

Be sure to catch Dance Gavin Dance on tour this spring with I See Stars, Erra, and Sianvar!

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