September 23, 2021

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Japanese metalcore band Prompts grab Crystal Lake’s Ryo Kinoshita for new track, “Asphyxiate”

There is absolutely something in the water when it comes to Japan and music. Whether it’s the swelling, grandiose post-rock of bands like Mono or the exciting kind of metalcore bands like Crossfaith and Crystal Lake are creating, nobody can accuse the country of not having plenty of variety.

Tokyo newcomers Prompts fall pretty clearly in the latter category, and while they’ve been around for a few years (their most recent release was the Magenta Smile EP), the band have emerged with “Asphyxiate” – a new single that features Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo Kinoshita himself. Mixed and mastered by Cody Stewart (The Browning), the mix sounds great and is more than compatible for the wider audience that Prompts are headed for next month. It’s pretty great stuff – taking from a mix of metalcore, nu-metal, and maybe even deathcore, it’s a pretty snazzy track overall. You be the judge, of course.

New Fury Media