September 24, 2023

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Crossfaith still manage to impress with newest EP, SPECIES (review)

Crossfaith, 2020

I’m recalling a time in 2010 when I was just starting to get into the heavier side of music. Sifting through similar bands, I came across Crossfaith’s The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty and thoroughly enjoyed the short-but-sweet LP with a hard-hitting synth focus. Fast-forward ten years, and Crossfaith has persisted and signed to the fantastic UNFD record label ahead of their EX_MACHINA release in 2018. Today I’ll dive into their new EP SPECIES, one I’m quite looking forward to!

Opening with single “Digital Parasite,” in the span of one minute, Crossfaith chants “SPECIES,” drops blast beats, has a bouncy riff, and raps. It’s abundantly clear that the band is calling upon a diverse array of influences to equip into this release. There’s some truly-harrowing screams and a spooky pre-chorus that make this a memorable track from the band.

Another single, “Endorphin,” brings back the synth to the centerfold, a staple for Crossfaith. The drums get their time to shine in an outstanding fill during the key change. The riff that stretches through the song is enjoyable enough to get listeners bouncing once again.

“Truth of Insanity” is fast-paced and in-your-face, but gets the first showing of clean vocals in the chorus, delivered anthemically. The breakdown gave me some goosebumps, recalling a time when they were all the rage. “None of Your Business” features Japanese rapper Jin Dogg, whose bars supplement the synth surprisingly well. This vitriolic piece is mean-spirited and powerful enough to be the standout song on SPECIES.

“Your Song” has the autotuned, electronic intro subside into a track that is reminiscent of the aforementioned Artificial Theory record. Heavy but heartfelt, this closes out the EP just as strong as it started, without a second of exhaustion.

I’m thoroughly impressed with what Crossfaith has to offer in the SPECIES EP, with important moments in each song ensuring no filler is present. After a decade of releases, it’s hard not to get hyped for new Crossfaith, knowing they have some untouchable staying power, and you can hear for yourself when the SPECIES EP drops Friday, May 22nd!

A press copy was provided courtesy of UNFD.

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