Crossfade’s iconic hit “Cold” is now trending on TikTok, because of course it is

In retrospect, it’s not surprising that Crossfade suffered a similar fate as some of the bigger post-grunge bands of the early 2000s. After a strong debut album that had three big hits (none bigger than “Cold”), the band’s follow up album Falling Away failed to match it in sales or accolades. Five years later, the band surprisingly released We All Bleed, a quite heavy and intriguing record, but by then their past success could not be repeated. Since then, they’ve offered various updates on new music, but nothing has actually come to fruition.

Of course, almost any band would be just fine with “suffering” from success (cue a DJ Khaled appearance here) of this nature. Writing hit songs that top the charts is fucking hard. Even writing a song like “Cold” that people remember for years is a huge accomplishment, in any case. However, like most music, genres of this nature are cyclical – and considering how often nostalgia can become a marketable trait, bands like this are not immune to it. However, it appears Crossfade are doing so in a number of viral TikTok and social media videos – and yes, “Cold” is the reason why.

We actually found a couple of the most prominent ones, so you don’t have to. Thankfully, they’re all relatable, which matches the original hit’s relevance of relationship issues – obviously one that most people can relate to in some form. The other interesting thing to note is just how many people are still calling for a Crossfade reunion. While the band isn’t officially on hiatus (in between releasing solo music, vocalist Ed Sloan has said they’re not), one would think that it would bring in a lot of interest – and money, if a tour was involved. Here’s hoping.

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♬ Cold – Crossfade

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