Crawling Through Tartarus continues to impress with the release of their hard hitting debut EP “Libations”

Crawling Through Tartarus is a death metal band from the southern portion of California. Forming in the early months of 2019 came a brutal new face to the metal scene. Crawling Through Tartarus has quickly gained a favorable reputation for their high energy live performances, brutal and invigorating studio recordings, and good branding. The band follows Greek mythology within their music, and even their name. The death metal act consists of Kevin Corbeil (Guitar), Adam Stocks (Guitar), Josh Schott (Bass), Matt Holzboog (Vocals), and Alexander Dixon (Drums) – these guys have provided some high quality metal, and they’re only truly getting started. The band’s debut single “Hell’s Kitchen” hit in 2020 and was an impressive entry and showed what the group is truly capable of. Crawling Through Tartarus not long after their debut song they sought out to release their follow-up song “Ballad of the Fallen”, and this song was on my replay list quite a bit. Fast forward to 2021 with the release of the song “Medusa’s Gaze” which instantly became my favorite track from the up and coming heavy hitters. The song got me hyped for their EP “Libations“, which has just been recently released! The monumental sounding EP hit all digital platforms on January 28th, and the band celebrated with a successful EP release show. The four track EP uses every moment of runtime showcasing the versatile talents Crawling Through Tartarus possesses. If I have to pick a favorite off the EP it’d have to be “God of War”, the riffs and vocal patterns in that song really got my headbanging. Overall this is a very strong entry for the group, even if it’s on the short side with it’s runtime, the EP serves its purpose by showcasing how with each release that this band is on the right path. Crawling Through Tartarus is a very talented death metal band that evolves very rapidly with each release, tightening their dynamic as a band. This EP proves the band is a powerhouse that is rising from California.

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